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In a documentary on Portuguese TV about Cristiano’s agent Jorge Mendes, Cristiano first talked in a very loving way about him:
“Jorge Mendes is a part of my family.
My family knows how important he is for me.
I consider him as an older brother, like a father. He always gave me good advice.
He’s the godfather of my son.”

Then for the first time, we can see authorised footage of him together with his son. My heart!

I am dead

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“‘In Brazil, the majority of the wives of footballers are very strong women. The problem is that the media transmits an image that doesn’t correspond to reality. There are good women, but the press tends to focus on those who go out more or dress well. That’s not me. I don’t always have perfect hair or an impressive bag and an immaculate appearance. I get up and I’m just a mother. That’s my life: my friends, the conversations with the other mothers at school… those are the people who can really talk about how I am. Look, I’ve been photographed many times in Italy carrying shopping bags, with captions reading that I just went shopping, but in reality what I was carrying was presents for others! The fact that our husbands earn a lot of money does not mean that we’re superficial women. We all have our defects and our virtues, and you can’t generalize.’”
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 Real Madrid - Kuwait [2:0] Di Maria (26’) , Cristiano Ronaldo (31’)

Real Madrid - Kuwait [2:0]
Di Maria (26’) , Cristiano Ronaldo (31’)

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“My place is at this club”

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